optimAero, LLC
email: info@optim.aero
CAGE: 83L16

optimAero is a UAS design, build, and test house founded in 2018 by a group of doctoral graduates from the Aerospace Engineering department at the Georgia Institute of Technology. With roots in GA and CA, we provide consultation services including design and simulation focusing on aerobotic vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicles. We combine our passion for flight with our skills in systems engineering, autonomy, robotics, optimization, controls, dynamics, piloting, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to give our projects the best chance of success. We are FAA Part 107 certified.

Whom we’ve worked with:

optimAero’s Core Competencies
● Guidance, Navigation, & Control (GNC), System Identification
● Autopilot and Ground Control Station (GCS) development
● Modeling and Simulation (flight dynamics, HITL/SITL, avionics)
● UAS sizing and design from the ground up, prototyping, and flight testing primarily VTOL aircraft
● Automation, beyond-waypoint guidance, GPS-denied flight
● Multidisciplinary Optimization (MDO)
● Hardware and Software Architecture
● Systems Engineering (requirements management, integration, verification, and validation)

optimAero’s 4,800 sqft hangar and workspace

optimAero’s Capabilities
● Dev. environments, IDEs: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Suse), Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, QT, Keil
● Software: CIFER, CONDUIT, MATLAB, Simulink, CATIA, Solidworks, CFD, Ardupilot, PX4, DJI SDK, GIT, SVN, CMake, digital and analog video processing (thermal/EO), ClearQuest, Visual Source Safe, Rational Rose, Eclipse, TOAD, Business Objects XI R2, SSRS, Tableau, ESRI ArcGIS, Subversion, .Net Framework 3.0/3.5
● Languages: C, C++, C#, Python, SQL, HTML, PHP, JSP, Java, XML, XSLT, YAML, VHDL, ASP.NET, Oracle
● Protocols: CAN, ARINC 429, serial, TCP/UDP, PWM, S.BUS, digital/analog IO, MIL-STD-1553
● Targets: ARM, Atmel, Intel, Gumstix, Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi, PowerPC
● System Test (HITL/SITL), real time operating system (RTOS), unit test
● PCB design, in-house fabrication, and population (prototype level)
● Harness design and fabrication (prototype level)
● Rapid prototyping: laser cutting, water jetting, 3D printing, 4-axis CNC milling and routing (prototype level)
● Machining: basic milling, lathing, metal, wood, plastics, composites (prototype level)
● Proposals (BAA, SBIR)
● Thrust stand design and testing including 6 DOF force/moment and electrical data for rotors up to 3.3 m/11 ft in diameter
● Flight test support for manned and unmanned aircraft

We look forward to hearing from you at info@optim.aero